New Build Homes

Our dream is to fulfil your dream in terms of the home that you want to live in.

Over the history of our company we have produced and delivered homes to a quality standard, working to Passivhaus principles, low energy designs and the client’s personal preferences.

There are two ways that clients usually get introduced to us;

A client like you will call us directly with a great idea for what you want in terms of home, you will usually have purchased the land, and be looking to work with someone that can design and deliver their home, all under one roof. In this type of scenario we glean the information from you, and talk to one of our numerous architects that we work with that we feel would suit you and your ideas the best. Taking into consideration the design, planning requirements, location, low energy experience and cost. We then set up collaboration meetings between you the client, the architect, the engineer and ourselves to start to coordinate how we bring your project to life. This is usually called Design & Build.

An architect will contact us usually at the clients request, or because we have the experience within building low energy sustainable homes. The land will be bought, the planning process would have already been undertaken and the design in progress. We will meet the client face to face and then start to put together a cost plan based on the drawings the architect provides. Once this has been approved, contracts signed, we then start on site. This can tend to be quite a quick turnaround from initial contact.

Please see our projects page for past and current projects…..