Refurbishment Low Energy


P6P Eco Construction delivers small works, extensions and refurbishments to domestic and commercial properties. We work on small works projects from £100k upwards.

All of our projects are in some way connected to our low energy ethos. Even if we just manage to persuade the client to use a certain material, or take on a particular methodology, we feel that this is what is unique to us as a company.

In all projects that we have been involved with, the clients are very open to using certain products, particularly if it’s going to save them money in the long run. The biggest concern for clients is the cost implication, but if you talk to us first, before assuming it’s too expensive, you will be very surprised how competitive prices now are, especially when you get the kind of price we do. Just think of the long-term energy savings!

If you want to take your small works project just one step further…



The design principles that are central to new Passivhaus buildings can be applied to refurbishment projects.  To achieve the standard it is essential to address air tightness and thermal bridging.  Passivhaus certification requires a maximum of 0.6 air changes an hour during pressure testing and virtual elimination of thermal bridging.  Even if a refurbished building is not a certified Passivhaus, it is still possible that it could achieve the EnerPHit Standard which is specifically designed for refurbished housing. The certification criteria has been relaxed slightly to allow the cost of applying the Passivhaus standard to be less onerous.

A refurbished EnerPHit building may have a space heating energy requirement of 25 kWh/m2.yr, rather than the 15 needed for full Passivhaus certification with an airtightness level of 1 air change an hour. EnerPHit exceeds the performance of a new building built to most current national standards.